Pop-Up Retail

Pop-Up & Day-1 Networks: Strategies & Benefits for Successful Implementations

Retailers and restaurants are operating in a new era dominated by the “Connected Enterprise,” which requires WANs to connect all employees, IoT devices, and locations—including pop-up locations—whenever and wherever they are.
Unfortunately, the traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) was not built with today’s fast-paced, tech-heavy markets in mind and now impedes many of these organizations’ ability to perform at optimum levels and keep up with the pace of change. Along with the underlying need for pervasive connectivity, businesses today need to look toward software-defined technologies and cloud applications to orchestrate, automate, and reduce the complexity of network functions and management.
This white paper discusses scenarios in which pop-up and Day-1 networks benefit businesses, and then outlines implementation strategies and requirements.
What You’ll Get:
  • Overview of applications for pop-up & Day-1 networks
  • Considerations for implementing pop-up networks
  • Technology checklist for pop-up deployments
  • Customer success stories